You are here Graduatte College Science Graduate Schools BEE Actuality Until Oct 1st, 2015: CHOOSE your EXPERT for the "Meet the expert" 2015-2016!

Until Oct 1st, 2015: CHOOSE your EXPERT for the "Meet the expert" 2015-2016!

Added Tuesday 8 September 2015
Dear members of the FNRS doctoral school in "Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution",

The next “Meet the Experts” seminars for 2015-2016 depends on YOU to be organised! May we ask you to suggest one to three experts whose venue would be interesting for your team? As a reminder, the aim of these "Meet the experts" seminars is to bring our PhD-students (and post-doc researchers) into contact with leading experts in Ecology and Evolution, and to stimulate curiosity and fruitful discussions among us across Wallonia.

What to do?
Send us ( and your list of 1 to 3 experts per team, with link to their research page and email, by October 1st, 2015.
Send this message to other teams / PhD students in your department to spread the information as much as possible.

What's next?
We will, like previous years, let BEE-PhD students vote for their favourite experts using a doodle during the month October.  The three experts receiving the largest number of votes will be contacted for a seminar at UCL in the next year.
All PhD students are welcome to participate. Of note, active participation to the three seminars will count for 3 credits in the doctoral formation of our PhD students.

Many thanks for your collaboration!

Kind regards,

The organisers,

Caroline Nieberding and Camille Turlure.

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