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Until Nov 15th, 2015: SELECT the EXPERTS and TRAININGS you want to be organized in 2015-2016! We need your votes!

Added Friday 6 November 2015
Dear PhD-students and postdoc fellows of the Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (BEE) doctoral school, dear Promotors,

Please find here a link to
choose among the experts to invite for the next three “Meet the experts” seminars that will be held in 2015/2016: The list of experts was established by you and your promotors last September and you can find their field of research in the pdf file at As a reminder, the aim of these seminars is to bring you into contact with leading experts in various fields of ecology ad evolution in order to stimulate your curiosity and fruitful discussions. Active participation to the three seminars will count for 3 credits in your doctoral formation.

In addition, we have planned to organize several intensive trainings,
which may be of high relevance to most of you. The description of trainings is available at the end of the same pdf file at Please vote for your favorite trainings using this second link: and limit your choice to 3 trainings. Active participation to those trainings will also count for several credits in your doctoral formation, depending upon the duration of the training (one day to one week) and includes in some cases a participation fee of 100 euros.

You are kindly invited to answer before November 15th. Your vote will be taken into account ONLY if you indicate your name, status (PhD, postdoc,…), institution and email address (such as Caroline Nieberding, Professor, UCL, Make sure you fill this information properly. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us (;

Please transfer the email to anyone who might be interested in your institution, as it remains difficult to have updated lists of teams and PhD students overall the country.

Waiting for your answers and looking forward to seeing you for exciting scientific discussions,

 Caroline Nieberding and Camille Turlure (UCL, Belgium).


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