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Astrophysics seminar

Ajouté le Mardi 26 Octobre 2010
November 23, 2010 (2pm)
Solvay room (NO Building, 5th floor, Campus de la Plaine, ULB)

Towards New Frontiers in Stellar Core-Collapse Theory

               Hans-Thomas Janka

   Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
            Garching, Germany

Hydrodynamical simulations with sophisticated multi-energy,
multi-flavor neutrino transport have established the viability
of the neutrino-driven mechanism for explosions of low-mass
progenitors with O-Ne-Mg cores, and have shown its success, though
marginal, in two dimensions for some more massive progenitors
with iron core. This has led to revised predictions of observable
signals from stellar core collapse and to new insights into
heavy-element formation during supernova explosions, in particular
of p-process nuclei and the possible origin of the light r-process
elements. It has, however, also enhanced the puzzle of the
astrophysical source of the heavy r-process elements.
The Garching group is now pushing its modeling efforts
forward to later evolution phases, to the third dimension, and
towards a broader investigation of the links between the progenitor
stars and observable properties of the explosions and remnant

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