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ULB - Groupe de contact rayonnement synchrotron

Le Vendredi 12 Décembre 2008 de 9h30 à 18h00
Meeting of the Contact Group for Synchrotron Radiation
Brussels, 12th December 2008
Please notify Prof. M. Sferazza (Michele.Sferrazza@ulb.ac.be) if you intend to participate.
Details of venue can be found on the web page of the Contact Group
09:35 Welcome
09:40 Björn De Samber
Laboratory and synchrotron radiation micro and nano x-ray fluorescence:
methodological developments and applications in life science
10:00 Martin Meedom Nielsen
Ultra fast time resolved X-ray studies of thin organic films
10:50 Coffee break
11:10 Thierry Charitat
Fluctuations and destabilization of single supported bilayer
12:00 Jean-Pierre Gaspard
Spontaneous symmetry breaking. From the octet rule to the PC-RAMs
12:20 Lunch (offered by NFSR)
14:00 Jean Daillant
Nanoparticles at the water/oil interface: organization, emulsion stabilization and
14:50 Anders Madsen
Studies of soft matter dynamics by x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
15:40 Cédric Gommes
In situ SAXS of resorcinol-formaldehyde gel formation: either microphase separation
or colloid aggregation
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Alexandre Felten
Spectroscopy on individual carbon nanotubes
16:40 Remy Loris
Structure determination of proteins by SAXS and crystallography
17:00 Marcel Dosière
Time-resolved study of crystallization and melting of narrow molecular weight
fractions of polylactides
17:20 Sébastien Couet
How metallic Fe influences the composition of its native oxide: An in-situ x-ray
absorption spectroscopy study
17:40 Conclusion

Dernière mise à jour par EDT MAIN Mercredi 19 Novembre 2008