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ULB : Alexander Mikhailov, Rich life on catalytic surfaces

Le Mercredi 22 Avril 2009 de 15h45 à 18h00
Dear Colleague,

Professor Alexander Mikhailov (Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin)
is the holder of the 2009 Solvay Chair in Chemistry and will
spend two months in Brussels from mid April to mid June.

His inaugural lecture,
"From structure to function: chemistry in transition"
will be held on Tuesday April 21st, 2009 at 4:00 pm in the
Solvay room (ULB, campus plaine, 5th floor).
Coffee and tea will be served at 3:45pm and a drink at 5:15pm in front of the Solvay room.

It will be followed by a series of 4 lectures of 2 hours each
always from 4 to 6pm:

1) Wednesday April 22nd, building NO, Room 2.O.906
"Rich life on catalytic surfaces"
2) Wednesday April 29th, building NO, Solvay Room
"Why stainless steel breaks down"
3) Wednesday May 6th, building NO, Solvay Room
"Reactive soft matter: a new challenge"
4) Wednesday May 13th, building NO, Room 2.O.906
"Understanding protein machines"

Further information on the content of the courses can be found
in the attachement or on the Solvay Institutes web site,

Everybody is cordially invited!

Best wishes,

Marc Henneaux
Director of the Solvay Institutes

PS: Abstract of the inaugural lecture:
Traditional physical chemistry has been focused on explaining structural
properties of individual chemical objects and elementary reaction
events involving them. Today, we realize that this knowledge is
far from sufficient to understand the known complex chemical systems.
Not only in the realm of biology, but even for classical reactions
of heterogeneous catalysis, emergence of coherent collective
behavior – often yielding the ultimate function of a chemical system
– is a process that needs to be understood. In this lecture, I provide
a personal overview of the developments in studies of chemical
self-organization phenomena in the last decades and discuss some trends of future research.

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