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Workshop - BL-Pro15

Du Jeudi 29 Janvier 2015 à 10h00 au Vendredi 30 Janvier 2015 à 17h00
The mathematics department of the ULg and of the University of Luxembourg cordially invite you to the first Belgo-Luxemburgish Probability days.

When : Thursday January 29 and Friday January 30, 2015. 

Where :  Place du 20 Août at the center of Liège.

What : This two-day workshop consists in 7 invited research talks sandwiched between two short two-hour courses.  
  • The talks cover a wide range of important topics in contemporary probability theory (some keywords : additive random fields, frog models, geometric probability, QBDs, spectral theory of non-self-adjoint Markov semigroups, stochastic homogenization). 
  • The first short course (by Ivan Nourdin) will provide an introduction to the theory of compressed sensing.
  • The second short course (by Stéphane Boucheron) will provide an overview of the applications of the theory of concentration to statistics.   

Target audience : Researchers and PHD students in probability and statistics. 

Practical information : Attendance is free (including two lunches for PHD students) but registration is mandatory. To register send an email to Yvik Swan (yswan@ulg.ac.be). 

This workshop is jointly organised by the Mathematics Research Unit of Luxembourg and the Mathematics Department of the Université de Liège (within the framework of the year of mathematics at ULg in 2015).
The workshop is financially supported by Luxembourg University (Grant F1R-MTH-PUL-12PAMP (PAMPAS)), ULg (via a Soutien aux Entités de Recherche from the ARD), IAP Research Network P7/06 of the Belgian State (Belgian Science Policy) and the Belgian Statistical Society (SBS - BVS). 

The two short courses are financed by EDT Math and EDT Stat.

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