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Objectives - BCMB

The research within the BCMB research school is focused on the fundamental study of growth, intra- and inter-cellular communication, differentiation and cell death in normal and pathological situations.  Orientated towards the medical, paramedical and agronomical domains, they generate applications in human and animal health. 

This research is led on prokaryote models (virus, bacteria), and single-cell (yeast) or multi-cell (animals and plants) eukaryote models.  The approaches used arise from biochemistry (enzymology, metabolism), genetics (classical, molecular, evolutive), cytology and histology (microscopy, cytometry), and bioinformatics. 

The objective of the research school is to promote multidisciplinary training in the domain of life sciences, which is based on a complementarity of skills and access to a vast stock of equipment and which stimulates the mobility of young researches through the participation in courses, workshops, seminars or colloquia and through collaborations between partner teams.

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