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Objectives - MAIN

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The objectives of the thematic graduate school on science and engineering of materials, interfaces and nanostructures (MAIN) are

  • promoting multidisciplinary research associating fundamental and applied aspects in the fields of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials, surfaces and interfaces, and nanosciences (nanostructures and nanotechnologies);
  • providing high quality training to Ph.D. strudents realising a thesis in those fields.


Research in the fields of materials, surfaces and interfaces, and nanosciences is characterised by the need to integrate a wide range of disciplines (biochemistry, chemistry, physics, chemical physics, engineering, ...) and  using both theoretical approaches (modelling and simulation), and experimental approaches (synthesis and characterisation).

MAIN gathers together research teams actives in the fields of physics, chemistry, agronomic sciences, biological engineering, engineering sciences. It is thus a coherent


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Research themes



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