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  • Lomig HAMON, 2008: "Etude thermodynamique de l’adsorption de mélanges gazeux dont l’un des composés est à l’état de traces"
    Promoteur: Prof. M. Frère


  • Loïc Gence, 2010: "Correlated Characterization of Hybrid Metal-Conjugated Polymer Nanowires"
    Promoteur: Prof. V. Bayot
  • Dana-Alina Vlad-Serban, 2010: "New routes towards all-printed organic thin film transistors"
    Promoteur: Dr. S. Melinte
  • Nicolas Quiévy, 2010: "Melt processing and characterization of cellulose fibres based composites and nanocomposites"
    Promoteur: Prof. J. Devaux
  • Anne Attout, 2010: "Aniline polymerization strategies for micro- and nano-structuring into electrochemical sensors  and biosensors"
    Promoteur: Prof. P. Bertrand
  • Damien Debecker, 2010: "MoO3-based heterogeneous catalysts for the metathesis of propene"
    Promoteur: Prof. E. Gaigneaux
  • Nicolas Clément, 2010: "Phase transformations and mechanical properties of the Ti-5553 B-metastable titanium alloy"
    Promoteur: Prof. P. Jacques
  • Simon Dubois, 2010: "Quantum transport in molecular junctions and graphene based nanostructures"
    Promoteurs: Prof.
    J.C. Charlier & G.M. Rignanese
  • Vincent Minsier, 2010: "Numerical simulation of cavitation-induced bubble dynamics near a solid surface"
    Promoteurs: Prof. J. Proost & J. De Wilde

  • Marie-Aline VAN ENDE, 2010: "Formation and Morphology of non-Metallic Inclusions in Aluminium Killed Steels"
    Promoteur: Prof. J. Proosst

  • Cédric ROLIN, 2009: "Vapor Phase Deposition of Organic Semiconductors for Field Effect Transistor Applications"
    Promoteur: Prof. P. Bertrand

  • Vincent CALLEGARI, 2009: "Electrochemically template-grown multi-segmented metal-conjugated polymer nanowires"
    Promoteur: Prof. S. Demoustier-Champagne

  • Judith SPIEGEL, 2009: "Application of Magnetic Nanostructures to the Design of Microwave Circuits"
    Promoteur: Prof. I. Huynen (EMIC)
  • Claire VERBELEN, 2009: "Nanoscale probing of the mycobacterial cell wall"
    Promoteur: Prof. Y. Dufrêne
  • Joaquin DE LA TORRE MEDINA, 2009: "Magnetic Anisotropy and Dipolar Interaction in Arrays of Magnetic Nanowires"
    Promoteur: Prof. L. Pira
    ux (PCPM)
  • Alexandru VLAD, 2009: "Advanced fabrication of nanowire arrays and three-dimensional nanostructures"
    Promoteur: Dr S. Melinte (DICE)
  • Stéphane BEFAHY, 2009: "Silicone Rubber Surface Engineering for Stretchable Conductor in Biomedical Applications"
    Promoteur: Prof. P. Bertrand (PCPM)

  • Matteo GIANTOMASSI, 2009: "Core electrons and self-consistency in the GW approximation from a PAW perspective"
    Promoteur: Prof. X. Gonze & G.M. Rignanese (PCPM)
  • Florence SCHEYVAERTS, 2009: "Multiscale modelling of ductile fracture in heterogeneous metallic alloys"
    Promoteur: Prof. T. Pardoen (IMAP)
  • Pierre-Olivier MOUTHUY, 2009: "Nanogroove networks for aligning liquid-crystalline phthalocyanines"
    Promoteurs: Prof. A.M. Jonas (POLY) et Prof. S. Melinte (DICE)

  • Jean-François VANHUMBEECK, 2009: "In-situ monitoring of the internal stress evolution during titanium thin film anodizing"
    Promoteur: Prof. J. Proost (IMAP)
  • Marie HENRY, 2008: "Development of biocompatible polymeric membranes for bioartificial pancreas"
    Promoteur: Prof. P. Bertrand (PCPM)
  • David BOL, 2008: "Pushing Ultra-Low-Power Digital Circuits into the Nanometer Era"
    Promoteur: Prof. J.D. Legat (DICE)
  • Veronica-Iudita BORCEA, 2008: "Radioactive ion implantation of thermoplastic elastomers"
    Promoteur: Prof. A.M. Jonas (POLY)

  • Cédric GEORGES, 2008: "Improvement of the mechanical properties of TRIP-assisted multi-phase steels by application of innovative thermal or thermomechanical processes"
    Promotor: Prof. P. Jacques (IMAP)
  • Marc DELINCE, 2008: "Micromechanics of strength and strain hardening in mono- and multiphase fine grained materials"
    Promotor: Prof. P. JACQUES & Th. PARDOEN (IMAP)
  • Astrid LENAIN, 2007: "Relationships between Thermomechanical Processing, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the b-metastable Ti-LCB alloy"
    Promotor: Prof. P. Jacques & T. Pardoen
  • Sébastien FANIEL, 2007: "Experimental study of 2D hole systems: coherent transport in quantum dots and magnetothermopower"
    Promotor: Prof. V. Bayot
  • Cristèle NONCKREMAN, 2007: "Design of materials with nanostructured surface to improve hemocompatibility"
    Promotor: Prof. P. Rouxhet & C. Dupont
  • Cecilia MATEOS PEDRERO, 2007: "Synthesis and  characterization  of  Rh  supported on Ti-modified oxides: catalytic activity in the partial oxidation of methane"
    Promotor: Prof. E. Gaigneaux
  • Luis MORENO HAGELSIEB, 2007: "Anodic Aluminum Oxide Processing, Characterization and Application to DNA Hybridization Electrical Detection"
    Promotor: Prof. D. Flandre
  • Gauthier LACROIX, 2007: "On the Relationships between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TRIP-assisted Multiphase Steels: Strength, Ductility, Fracture and Fatigue"
    Promotor: Prof. P. Jacques & T. Pardoen
  • Maryline BAWEDIN, 2007: "Transient Floating-Body Effects for Memory Applications in Fully-Depleted SOI MOSFETs"
    Promotor: Prof. D. Flandre & J.-P. Raskin
  • Halima ALEM, 2007: "Nano-confined polymers: from stimuli-responsive membranes to self-assembled nanotubes"
    Promotor: Prof. S. Demoustier-Champagne & A. Jonas
  • Dr Bernard NYSTEN, 2007 (Agrégation de l'Enseignement supérieur):
    Soutenance publique: "Nanomechanics with the Atomic Force Microscope: Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanomaterials"
    Leçon publique: "Energy Conversion at the Nanoscale: Molecular and Nano-Motors"
  • Tsung Ming CHUNG, 2007: "Simulation, Fabrication and Characterization of Advanced MOSFETs : Graded Channel and Multiple-Gate Devices in SOI Technology for Analog and RF Applications"
    Promotor: Prof. J.-P. Raskin

  • Bahia AREZKI, 2007: “Study of cluster ion emission from self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols under keV ion bombardment”
    Promotor: Prof. P. Bertrand

  • Lukasz BEDNARZ, 2007: “Optimizing Ballistic Nanodevices towards THz Application”
    Promotor: Prof. I. Huynen
  • Rémy CHARAVEL, 2007: “Etch rate modification by implantation of oxide and polysilicon for planar double gate MOS fabrication"
    Promotor: Prof. J.-P. Raskin
  • Michael DARQUES, 2006: "Propriétés hyperfréquences de réseaux de nanofils ferromagnétiques à anisotropie contrôlée"
    Promotor: Prof. L. Piraux
  • Fanny ELHOUSSINE, 2006: “Transport électronique dans des nanofils et des nanocontacts magnétiques élaborés voie électrochimique”
    Prometor: Prof. L. Piraux
  • Francois IKER, 2006: “Three-Dimensional Self-assembled Microsystems in Thin Film SOI Technology”

  • Yannick BERTHOLET, 2006: ”Measurement, optimization and multiscale modelling of silicon wafer bonding interface fracture resistance”
    Promotor: Prof. T. Pardoen & J.-P. Raskin


  • Dmitri TERENTYEV, 2006: “Study of Radiation effects in FeCr alloys for fusion applications using computer simulations”
    Promotor: Prof. M. Hou


  • Grégory GUISBIERS, 2006: “Modélisation des contraintes résiduelles dans les films minces. Approches macroscopique et nanoscopique.”
    Promotor: Prof. M. Wautelet

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