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National large scale Communication on the Biodiversity Crisis - get involved!

Added Monday 10 February 2020
Dear everyone working in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity, 

You are aware of the state of emergency of the biodiversity crisis
after the publication of the IPBES global report last May 6th, 2019.
Over 3000 ecologist scientists led by Dr Pe'er et al from the German Centre for intergative Biodiversity research in Germany, have recently signed what needs to be done in Europe to tackle the biodiversity crisis, regarding the common European agricultural policy. Agricultural industrial practises are indeed one of the main, if not the main, problem and solution for conserving our biodiversity in Europe. You can still be part of the signatories (please check online).

Now, we contact you because a large-scale communication strategy is taking place here in Belgium this spring for informing the Belgian citizens about the emergency and gravity of the biodiversity crisis. It will start on May 18-22th and will go on until the worldwide Aichi targets are renegociated at the end of 2020.
The strategy involves the federal and the regional governments, the major NGOs such as Greenpeace and WWF, the federal institutions such as RBINS, and ... we (younger and experienced) scientists from all Belgian universities.
It is now and here that we need to inform everyone about the situation as described in the IPBES 2019 Global report, because the Aichi targets are renegotiated at the end of this year for the world, and Europe (of which Brussels is the centre) is the the forefront of ambitious measures. What do we need you to do? We need you to communicate in your own network, with your own possibilities, using the social medias as much as possible, but also talking to the people who you care for. All social medias are important, from twitter, to facebook and instagram and snapchat, because people of different ages and background use different social medias. The network of NGOs, federal and regional institutions will provide material to communicate on with a common logo, to show the unity of our call to the population. So, if you have such access to social medias, or are ready to be part of the solution, please join the movement.
This strategy has been launched by Dr Peeters and the national museum of natural history in Brussels (RBINS). All scientists working in Ecology and Biodiversity who are ready to join forces and inform citizens are invited to contact In practise, there is no new material to produce for preparing the communication campaign, but the point is that as many scientists as possible diffuse the same shared and communication message on the state of our environment and the consequences we will have to face in case we do not take rapid action, for our well being and our food security among other concerns.

Feel free to contact in case you need information.

Best sustainability wishes for 2020,
Caroline Nieberding and colleagues.

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