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Louvain-la-Neuve, 7-11 september 2020 :SICT2020: A Doctoral School on sustainable ICT

Added Wednesday 18 March 2020

The aim of SICT2020 is to study the link between ICT and society, and to question the hypotheses behind researches currently carried out regarding environmental, economic and social dimensions. It places emphasis on considering, as a researcher in ICT, the limits of his skills and techniques in solving societal problems.

During the Summer School, the objective is to build a framework allowing to raise questions in order to become actor of its own research, by insisting on the need to adopt a holistic approach as well as a cross-look of different cultures. The activities will be based on case studies, cross-views of speakers of the ICT sectors through various themes (ethics, technical, environmental, geopolitics, economics, health), technical contributions, brainstorming sessions and finally joint production.

Day 1 – The need for Sustainable ICT

This introducing day is about providing some transversal resources that will be used by participants throughout the entire doctoral school and to get them to ask the questions on which the activities of the week will be based. Some pieces of answer to what sustainability in ICT is will be proposed and our needs in ICT will be questioned. The day will end with a “my path in 180 seconds” contest.

More information on day 1.

Day 2 – The ICT ecosystem

The day is about taking the ICT into a different light under the guidance of a panel of experts from different scientific spheres. We will discuss recent developments on the social, economic and environmental levels that can make a significant impact in ICT. The goal of the day is to re-define the ICT relation with the sustainability pillars.

More information on day 2.

Day 3 – The material basis and eco-designing the ICTs

The third day of the workshop will cover the material basis of ICT products and services. In particular, the various impacts (societal, geopolitics, environmental) of raw material production, processing, manufacturing, recycling and disposal will be discussed. In an attempt to answer some emerging issues, the program also includes introduction to eco-design in the ICT field, and reflexions about sobriety in the need and usage for ICT products.

More information on day 3.

Day 4 – Towards post-growth and re-centered ICT

Do we really need Alexa-enabled smart showerheads or connected fry pans? Is working on energy-efficiency satisfactory from a sustainability point of view? During the fourth day of the summer school, we will question the mainstream research agenda of ICT, gain a deep understanding of the rebound effects in ICTs, and learn about unconventional and inspiring ICT research and projects.

More information on day 4.

Day 5 – Stories and Synthesis

The last day morning will first be about success and failed stories of sustainable ICTs projects. The students will then discuss together about how they can change their research towards sustainability. Finally, the afternoon will be dedicated to a synthesis of the week and an output will be created with the participants on the basis of the work accomplished during the week.

More information on day 5.

More information

More information on the complete program will appear on this page as soon as available!

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