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08/05/2009 : ULG - NANOWAL Day on "Molecular and Nano-Electronics"

Added Thursday 9 April 2009

NANOWAL Day, May 8, 2009

Molecular and Nano-Electronics

University of Liège, Amphithéâtre A204, B4 (Sart-Tilman)


9h-9h10 : Welcome Prof. Françoise Remacle, University of Liège.

9h10-9h50 : Prof. Christian Joachim, CEMES, CNRS Toulouse, France : From hybrid to monomolecular electronic.

9h50-10h30 : Prof. Ori Chesnovski, School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University: Detection of heating in current-carrying molecular junctions by Raman scattering.

10h30-10h50 : Coffee break.

10h50-11h30 : Prof. Anne Sophie Duwez, University of Liège : Manipulating single molecules with the AFM.

11h30-12h10 : Sophie Demoustier, POLY, Université Catholique de Louvain, Multi-segmented conducting polymer nanowires with tunable electronic behavior.

12h10-12h50 : Dr. V. Geskin, Materia Nova, University Mons-Hainaut, Partial vs. integer electron transfer : similarities and differences in theoretical description related to observable implications.

12h50-14h : Lunch jointly with poster session (B4 Hall).

14h-14h40 : Prof. J.M. Triscone, DPMC, University of Geneva, Switzerland : New Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces.

14h40-15h10 : Prof. Jean-Pierre Leburton, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science& Technology, University of Illinois,Urbana-Champaign : Merging biology and nanoelectronics: Bio-molecule sensing and manipulation through semiconductor membrane nanopores.

15h10-17h10 : Poster session with Belgian beers (B4 Hall).

The 2009 NANOWAL day is organized with the support of
Technifutur and Technofutur Industry (Mechanical Engineering pole), the PhD school MAIN and the University of Liège

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