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Welcome to the website of the Doctoral School in Statistics, Biostatistics, and Actuarial Sciences!

On this website, you can find information that could help you in the journey to your PhD. The website is divided into different pages:

  • Objectives : The mission of the doctoral school
  • Contact : Email addresses of persons to contact regarding short courses, this website or other things
  • Committee : Composition of the school's steering committee, re-elected every two years
  • Partners : /
  • Teams : Universities and other partners
  • Calendar : Maybe the most important part of this website. You will find announcements of short courses, seminars, lectures, … all sorts of events that are part of your PhD student’s life. By clicking on an event, you will be able to get the details such as an abstract, the registration procedure, etc.
    Pay attention that some events in the calendar are NOT be organized by our “STAT ACTU” graduate school
  • Actuality : Basically resumes events you can find in the calendar
  • Members : This section contains members (phd, postdoc)
  • Formations : links to our universities, which offer a variety of courses.
  • Job Opportunities : Some websites that might be of interest for a (bio)statistician or actuary with or without a PhD degree
  • Thesis : list of PhD students and information about their research projects.
  • Links : Some websites containing information on scientific conferences, research grants, etc.
  • Options : /
  • General Information: General email address for the Graduate School, as well as date, time, and location of the next annual meeting.

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