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Eleonora Deiana 
UNamur - Faculté d'informatique 
Systèmes fluides avec barrières réactives
promoteurs : Marie-Ange Remiche (UNamur) et Guy Latouche (ULB)


Statistique et Sciences Actuarielles

Theses in progress :


Matthieu Simon
Méthodes matricielles et processus de Lévy: étude théorique et applications financières
Promoteur: Griselda Deelstra et Guy Latouche

Mohamed Amghar
Copula estimation using highdimensional networks
Promoteur: Maarten Jansen

Rémi Dendievel
Sequential stopping under different environments of weak information
Promoteur: Thomas Bruss

Gilles Nisol
Frequency Domain Analysis for Functional Time Series
Promotor: Siegfried Hörmann

Christine Cutting
High-dimensional sign tests
Promotor: Davy Paindaveine

Clément Cerovecki
Functional time series models for financial data
Promotor: Siegfried Hörmann

Joséa Rasoafaraniaina
Pre-test estimators in locally and asymptotically normal models
Promotor: Thomas Verdebout

Allaoui El Maâti
Some robust methods in survival analysis
Promoteur : Dehon Catherine

Bastien Marquis
Structured sparse variable selection
Promoteur : Maarten Jansen

Pierre Zuyderhoff
Risk measures derived from ruin theory and stochastic order models
Promoteur: Julien Trufin

Corinne Sinner
A new look on statistical size distributions, with applications in various fields
Promoteurs: Christophe Ley et Julien Trufin

Julien Remy
Inférence asymptotique au voisinage des sinularités
Promoteurs: Thomas Verdebout et Davy Paindaveine


Alessandro Beretta (ULG)
Cox proportional hazard cure models with time-varying covariates: application to causes of bank failures and acquisitions
Promotor: Cédric Heuchenne (ULG)

Wilfried Bonou (ULG)
Statistical inference in models specified using nonlinear differential equations
Promotor: Philippe Lambert (ULG)
Co-promotor: Gentiane Haesbroeck (ULG)

AERTS Stéphanie
Robust multivariate analysis
Promoteur: G. Haesbroeck
Co-promotor: M. Schyns (ULG)

Cetinyurek Aysun
Flexible Bayesian models for interval censored survival data
Promotor: Philippe Lambert (ULG-UCL)
Co-promotor: Gentiane Haesbroeck (ULG)

Robust and spatial exploratory techniques
Promotor: G. Haesbroeck

Perceval Sondag (ULG) 
Similarity assessment in non-linear models and its application to potency bioassays
Promotor: Philippe Lambert (ULG)

Emilie Clette (ULG) 
Orthogonal polynomials and Stein operators - a semigroup approach
Promotor: Yvik Swan (ULG)

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