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A joint UCLouvain-ULB-ULiège-UNamur thematic doctoral school in Geography is being established, thanks to support from the FNRS. It aims to:

  • Support PhD students during their doctoral research by sharing scientific and personal experiences within the geographers’ community.
  • Open participants’ minds through confrontation with various approaches.
  • Favour actual and future collaborations between geographers of the four universities involved.
  • Reinforce the French-speaking research community in Geography.
  • Set up a bottom-up process to organise activities that address PhD students’ needs; hence this survey.

The start of our activities has been delayed by the Covid19 crisis but a first event with and for the PhD students is scheduled on May 25, 2022.

To hear from us and keep updated, please join our mailing list here.



UCLouvain :
– Sophie Vanwambeke
– Patrick Meyfroidt

– Frédéric Dobruszkes (Secretary)
– Jean-Michel Decroly

ULiège :
– Serge Schmitz
– Pierre Ozer

UNamur :
– Catherine Linard
– Florence de Longueville (Spokesperson)