Experimental methods and Theoretical: Atoms, Molecules and supRamolecules, Photons, Spectra and Electrons
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Multidisciplinary in nature, the METAMORPHOSE F.R.S.-FNRS thematic doctoral school is interested in different fields of the sciences of matter, radiation and the interaction between matter and radiation. Particular interest is devoted to research at the interface of chemistry, physics and life sciences. In addition to their fundamental aspect, the research carried out within the METAMORPHOSE doctoral school deals with applications as diverse as the environment, telecommunications research or astrophysics, to name but a few examples.

Several research themes define the fields concerned by the METAMORPHOSE doctoral school: photophysics, photochemistry, photonics, spectroscopy, spectrometry, atomic and molecular collisions, molecular interactions, quantum chemistry and molecular modeling. These themes are fully expressed in the context of the study, through experimental and theoretical methods, of the structural, dynamic and reactive properties of atoms, molecules and supramolecules and in molecular recognition.





Training activities organized by the thematic doctoral school METAMORPHOSE range from “scientific days,” “META in… days,” conferences and lectures. Currently, scientific days are organized on a yearly basis. The program of the last two are available here: 26 May 2023 at ULB and 21 May 2024 at UMons.