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Statistics and actuarial sciences

The Graduate School in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences is providing the ideal forum for contact and collaboration between all researchers in areas related to statistics, biostatistics, econometrics, biometrics, psychometrics, … , or related to actuarial sciences.

Becoming a PhD student of our School, you will work in a stimulating environment, open to discussion and exchanges, and you will have the opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary work based on a common methodology.

One of the objectives of the School is to offer you a high quality training to and by research. We, the members of the Graduate School, are working in research teams in a number of geographically close-by Belgian universities. As such we benefit from numerous diverse international contacts.

Centrally situated in Europe, Belgium with its capital Brussels maintains connections to its partners both in its neighbouring countries and all over the world.

This is the ideal environment for organising regular research seminars and scientific meetings from which you as a PhD student will benefit through regular advertisements and guidance by your advisor.

Also, a major opportunity for you will be to follow intensive short courses, taught by experts in their research areas, which will be organized regularly by the School.

Moreover, you will be stimulated to organize by and for yourself scientific activities (e.g. internal seminars, international young researcher days,…). This kind of challenge yields high motivation and allows you to widen your international collaboration and to open your mind to different areas of specialisations.

Finally, the School actively supports exchanges between students, researchers and professors both for education and research, for example by promoting common projects and joint thesis advisors.




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  • Académie universitaire Wallonie-Bruxelles (ULB)
  • Académie universitaire Wallonie-Europe  (ULg)
  • Académie universitaire Louvain (UCL et FUNDP)